More Leif Ericson – The Answers

A few days ago I set a TV western challenge to name the actors from their birth names:

Here are the answers:

Marion Mitchell Morrison – the one and only John Wayne


James Scott Bumgarner – James Garner (Bret Maverick)

James Garner Maverick

Jack Carlton Moore – Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger)

His companion Tonto was played by actor Jay Silverheels who was a genuine First Nations Mohawk but whose real name was a disappointing Harold J. Smith!

Buddy Lee – Robert Fuller (Wagon Train)

Robert Fuller Wagon Train

Norman Eugene Walker – Clint Walker (Cheyenne Body)

Clint Walker Cheyenne Body

Leonard Franklin Slye – Roy Rodgers

Roy’s horse was called Trigger but its real name was Golden Cloud.

Roy Rodgers and Trigger

Lyon Himan Green – Lorne Green (Ben Cartwright, Bonanza)

Bonanza Ben Cartwright

Eugene Maurice Orowitz – Michael Landon (Little Jo, Bonanza)

Little Joe

Orison Whipple Hungerford – Ty Hardin (Bronco Lane)

Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg – Jane Seymour (Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman)

Jayne Semour Medicine Woman

How did you do?

7-10    Blazing Saddles

4-7      How the West was Won

0-3      Custer’s Last Stand

18 responses to “More Leif Ericson – The Answers

  1. Never can remember actor names, much less know their real ones. Except Wayne’s stuck in my mind because his real first name just didn’t seem to fit the big macho image. I suppose that puts me in Custer territory.


  2. No wonder they changed their names in those day. I did recognized John Wayne’s name when I read it. That’s about all. I’m glad most actors keep their real names now. Don’t they?


  3. Good decision by James Garner.


  4. well, i am clearly in the last stand category. i would not have stood a chance )


  5. Great post Andrew! You hit all my childhood heroes (although I didn’t know too many of their birth names). And I might add one more – Lucille Wood Smith = Dale Evans (Roy Rogers wife) and her horse Buttermilk. You won’t be surprised that I had the Roy & Dale action figures on their horses. My most prized possession then. Thanks for the memories. 🙂 ~Terri


  6. I used to live for the nights these shows were on when I was a kid!


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