Iceland, Images

Iceland Landscape

Iceland Reyjkavik  Iceland Reyjkavik

Iceland Presidential Car Reykjavik  Iceland Meat Balls in a Tin

Lief Ericson Statue Reykjavik Iceland

11 responses to “Iceland, Images

  1. They certainly have a distinctive style of their own. Love the colors. Great shots.


  2. I love the vibrant colors too…and can you pronounce the name on the can? 🙂


  3. It’s hard to escape meatballs!


  4. Mmmmmmm, those meat balls look yummy. Clearly, at my age good food factors in heavily wherever I go, mature taste buds and all that 😀


  5. We visited Iceland this summer, and it’s fun seeing it again through your eyes. The tectonic plates fascinated me. You might check my posts to compare notes.


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