Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Greek Taverna and a Mythos Beer

Greek Taverna with a Mythos Beer:

I like Greece and I like Greek tavernas, they are almost always friendly inviting places and the food is inexpensive and good value and it rarely disappoints.

I like the carefree ambiance and the complete lack of formality, outside wooden tables and rattan chairs, check tablecloths, extensive menus and unhurried waiters. I like the cheap paper table covers so you can spill food and drink without worrying about disapproving looks or the laundry bill, I like the certain company of scrounging cats and I especially like those with live bouzouki players running through the familiar catalogue of traditional Greek music and always starting and finishing with the obligatory ‘Zorba’.

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5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

  1. I liked eating in Greece too, especially going into the kitchen to choose. If you did that in the UK, you’d be opening the freezer door and choosing a microwaveable meal!


    • I like eating in Spain but not in France and Italian dining is quite satisfying but there is something quite special about Greek cuisine and the ambiance of a pavement taverna. This year I will celebrate my special birthday in Corfu and I can smell the moussaka already!


  2. Like the photo for the challenge. Great idea.


  3. I’m going in June… Can’t wait to experience it…


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