Iceland, Images

Iceland Postcard 1

Pingvellir National Park Iceland

Gullfoss Falls Iceland

Reykjavik Cathedral Iceland

Iceland Vikings Reykjavik



25 responses to “Iceland, Images

  1. Can never get enough of Iceland – lovely country.


  2. Getting excited now, following your Iceland posts – it’s only just over a month until I get to see it for myself 🙂


  3. We think for hiking and scenery- Iceland is really at the top of our list. Switzerland is close for hiking but when you throw scenery in – it’s Iceland all the way.


  4. Oh, I loooooooove that green roof 😀


  5. Where are the captions? And what’s the Morris Spain book like?


    • A picture speaks a thousand words!

      I have only just started the book and so far so good. It is really nicely written. It was published in 1964 when she was still James Morris of course. It is only 150 pages or so and is a reflection of Spain at the end of the Franco era and that is a period in Spanish history and the transition from dictatorship to democracy that particularly interests me.

      Even before finishing it I am prepared to recommend it as a good read.


  6. So excited to see these pics show up in my reader now! At this very moment my daughter is booking our flights for a Sept visit to your beautiful country!


  7. OKay, I definitely want to go now. Great pics! SD


  8. Beautiful pictures. Made my resolve to get to Iceland stronger.


  9. Those images are ridiculously beautiful. It seems like one of those places that are almost too beautiful. I felt that way upon visiting New Zealand. Every corner you turn you visit the current “most beautiful place I’ve ever been”.


  10. I loved this trip to Iceland. As I have said before it really brought it on to my bucket list. I’ll be sure to get a rental car. 🙂


  11. Love the shot of the green house. I love that home!


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