Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Rhodes Windmills 1

Three Windmills, Rhodes, Greek Islands

We were at Mandraki now which is the original town harbour and we were looking for the famous deer statues that sit on two columns at the entrance.  For some reason we expected them to be much bigger than they actually are so we shared a sense of disappointment when we finally came across them.  How much more impressive it would have been of course to have been able to say that we had seen the Colossus of Rhodes that is thought to have once stood at this very spot.

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

  1. Great photo! i’ve been in Rhodes island three times… amazing place


  2. I love that photo! Of course a great three theme but just makes me want to hop a plane immediately to stand in that spot.


  3. Yes, definitely 3 there Andrew. You couldn’t have used the Colossus for this challenge anyway- unless you did distance and close ups. It would have made an interesting sight though 🙂


  4. Wow Rhodes has changed since I was there – something like 20 years ago!


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