Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Mosque Fez Morocco

Inside the Mosque

The Mosque wasn’t open for business at this time but we wouldn’t have been allowed in even if it had because non-believers are forbidden from entering a Muslim Mosque at any time.

In another post I wrote about how we were unwelcome in the holy city of Moulay Idriss, so much so that Abdul, the taxi driver wouldn’t stop for even a moment or two for a sightseeing walk through the intriguing streets but there were other exclusion zones in both Fez and Meknes.  These were the Mosques and although we could look through the open doors and windows we were certainly not allowed to step over the threshold.

I find this difficult to understand, apparently even the prophet Muhammad invited Christians to pray in a mosque before meeting with them but it seems that attitudes have changed and intolerance has become an unwelcome religious characteristic.  I am forced to compare this with our own balanced approach which certainly (I hope) wouldn’t exclude a visitor of a different faith to the UK entering, for example, Westminster Abbey or any other religious building.

12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. How bizarre. Go the big mosques anywhere in Turkey and you’ll find them stuffed with visitors. And even here, my friend from the UK was openly invited to sit at the back during Friday prayers at our local mosque.


  2. The Mormons don’t let “unbelievers” into their temples either.


  3. Andrew I wondered the same thing as Uncle Spike where in Turkey there are tourists in all kinds of mosques.


  4. This visit of yours reminds me of the Mosque in Paris which had an adjacent outdoor cafe where I used to go for tea and pastries in the late 80s. The coffee shop was open to anyone, and was a lovely pause within bustling Paris. The architecture was gorgeous. The tea and the Mideastern pastries were excellent, too! I have no idea if it is still possible nowadays since the relationships between Muslim and non Muslim have had their moments of tension in France. Thank you for sharing your experience.


  5. Can’t get in the door but they sure want “in the door” for freedom granted by Western democracies.


  6. Well, some year’s ago when my daughter was still in High School here in Sydney, Australia, she had an assignment in Religious Studies on different religions in this multicultural society and needed to visit places of worship. So for Muslim I took her to a Mosque – we walked in and within seconds a pack of angry men rushed towards us asking “what you doing here?” , telling us “go out, visitors are not allowed” etc, Must say it was very intimidating but I explained why we were there and one of the men said, you come on Thursday, that’s when women come to pray here too, but you must enter via the side door not this main entrance etc. Suffice to say we never returned … very unwelcoming indeed! Her assignment “touched” upon this 😀


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