Poland (Wroclaw), Street Images


Wroclaw Poland Street Art

Wroclaw Love Locks

Anonymous Pedestrians Wroclaw Poland

Urban Wall Art Wroclaw Poland

12 responses to “Poland (Wroclaw), Street Images

  1. The group statue is interesting.


  2. Oh, those locks – graffiti in 3D! That final image has it right.


  3. All those locks…so much lawbreaking 🙂


  4. I’ll stick with the first photo – the colourfull facades, the life inside one can imagine but not necessarily like or dislike… but the blend of colours just tells me of bravery and determination in architectural decor 😀


  5. I do like that guy with the ‘lightening conductor’ in his brain! Doesn’t look entirely comfortable, but if it works…. 🙂


  6. Love the first photo of the buildings. Is there a story about the last one, the key swallower?


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