Italy, Postcards from Vesuvius

“…when the sun burst through the morning mists and fired this tinted magnificence, it topped imperial Vesuvius like a jeweled crown!”                      Mark Twain – The Innocents Abroad

In 1974 I visited Sorrento in Italy.  The currency was the Lira and  the notes were so worthless (I seem to remember that the smallest denomination was 1,000) that it was normal practice for shops to give change in the form of a postcard.

One day I went to Mount Vesuvius and came back with these to add to my collection.

Vesuvius Naples Italy

Vesuvius Postcard

Vesuvius Postcard

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7 responses to “Italy, Postcards from Vesuvius

  1. I’ve read about Vesuvius when I was a child. It was quite the dragon in its heyday!


  2. Big regret of mine spending 3 nights in Naples, but not going to Vesuvius. Trips to Capri and Sorrento just about made up for my error!


  3. Jack Erickson

    Thanks for the post, Andrew —

    We visited Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi back in ’04. The day that stands out the most was sunny and hot; we walked the stone streets of Pompeii, dodging tourist groups, sneaking into restored villas, seeing traces of murals on the walls, and gazing at Vesuvius, somewhat cloudy at the peak.
    Since then, I’ve read many travel and historical articles about Pompeii and seen documentaries about an August day in AD 79 when Vesuvius blew it’s top sending boiling magma down its slopes to cover the town.
    Anyone who travels should visit Pompeii; it’s one of the world’s great historic sites.
    Don’t miss it.


  4. Thanks Jack, I agree of course!


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