It’s Nice To Feel Useful (5)


It’s nice to feel useful (5) …

Every so often I like to take a look at the search engine terms that may or may not have directed people towards some of my posts.  Some of them are just so funny and so here are ten more recent ones:

Joan of Arc getting burned at the stake clean images”.  Now, I guess that burning at the stake would have been a fairly messy business with all of that smoke and ash and burning embers rising up into the sky, not to mention the spitting fat as the flesh melted in the flames so I imagine that even if there were cameras in medieval France that the chances of getting a ‘clean’ image would have been rather difficult.

I wrote a post about Joan of Arc so perhaps that is where the enquirer was directed?

Next, I have three searches about bridges.  The first one is just too specific for me to be able to help but I did write a post about this bridge after a visit to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2008 – how much space is between the beams on the stari most bridge?”.  Second, this one from an enquirer whose stupidity is just immense –what is a bridge?” and finally this one which is almost equally as dumb – why was the Humber bridge being built?”doh! Why did the chicken cross the road?

Hull Humber Bridge

Actually the  2,220 metre Humber Suspension Bridge is the fifth largest of its type in the World.  This is a very big bridge indeed but the statistic used to be even more impressive because when it was first opened in 1981 it was the longest single-span suspension bridge in the World, a record that it held for the next sixteen years.

Leading on from the Humber Bridge my next favourite is –Anne Frank connection with hull?” because as far as I can make out there is none other than the Hull to Rotterdam P&O ferry.

I have posted a few times about travelling in Italy and the inevitability of a statue of the Italian hero of unification Giuseppe Garibaldi and although everyone knows that he has a biscuit named after him I was surprised to come across this search term – which Italian town has a biscuit named after it?”  Maybe the enquirer turned up at my post about Garbaldi when they were really looking for Genoese cake?

Giuseppe Garibaldi Molfetta Puglia Italy

Sex almost always rears its ugly head of course and large Norwegian penis in a jar” is my offering  in this collection of search out-takes.  I am not an expert on Norwegian penises, large or small, but I did visit the Penis Museum in Reykjavik and this is probably close enough to have recorded the visit to the blog.

Icelandic Penis Museum Reykjavik

This next search may or may not have anything to do with sex, I’ll leave readers to reach their own conclusions – car park in Ciudad Rodrigo”.  I have visited and stayed in Ciudad Rodrigo but I give you my word that I absolutely did not hang around in town centre car parks!

For this selection of search terms I have save my favourite until last and this is it – things to do in Tossa de Marr Spain for clairvoyants”. Now, call me a sceptic if you like but if you can see into the future what on earth does a clairvoyant need with a website of advertised events – why don’t they just look in their crystal ball?

I have been to Tossa de Mar and I have to say that palm reader, soothsayer or clairvoyant that it is a very fine place to visit.

Tossa de Mar Costa Brava Postcard

15 responses to “It’s Nice To Feel Useful (5)

  1. Andrew I hate to say ” I told you so” but I went back to your post on the penis museum and what did I say back then?…….
    I can’t wait to hear what search terms show up on your stats page. 🙂


  2. Always good value, those search terms!


  3. I like the Humber bridge one, although technically I suppose there was some logic to it because there was a bridge at Boothferry. Wasn’t there a ferry as well at one poinot, from Barton maybe? I’m going on memory here as I’m too idle to look it all up 😀

    And I like the penis in the jar of course.

    All I ever get is olive pate.


    • I just tried that olive pate search and you are on the first Google page of search results. Third in fact – even when I search on olive pâté. How amazing!

      There was a ferry but the bridge put it out of business of course!


      • Yeah, my claim to fame. google first page for olive pate 😀

        I’ve usually fluctuated in the top three positions. Pretty good huh? 😀 I really don’t care, although I suppose I should.

        It really is good though. The trick is to use the fresh lemons and whizz those up with it too. It’s very KISS.

        Well there was obviously a ferry at Boothferry at one point. And presumably that bridge put that ferry out of business. Not quite as long a bridge as the Humber one.

        I have some nice piccies somewhere of the Humber one from when we set off one evening on our long distance walk (backpacking, camping, not quite you :D)


      • I’ve done backpacking and camping let me tell you!


  4. We once sat behind a fellow on the Edinburgh train who told the poor girl trapped next to him for four and half hours he was a professional psychic. We had to laugh when he answered his cell phone with ‘Who is that?’


  5. daydreamsandshoestrings

    I loved this type of post…it’s always so amusing!! Thanks for sharing.


  6. At least when you’re having a ho-hum day, you can check the searches and get a good laugh or two. 😀


  7. I seem to be too lazy or busy to check my search terms, but I always get a kick out of yours.


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