Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Blackbird Nest

I have spent a lot of time with the binoculars at the kitchen window and apart from the unfortunate incident with the neighbour who I think misinterpreted my bird-spotting hobby for peeping tom activities it has been a very satisfying week.

Just taking into account the sixteen bird species that visit my garden, the RSPB estimates that across the United Kingdom there are about thirty-three million nesting pairs.  I have been doing some calculations and based on the number of broods and the average number of eggs that means potentially two hundred and ninety-five million extra mouths to feed each summer.

Across the entire World scientists estimate that there are three hundred billion and that is roughly fifty birds to every human being or a hundred million for every Giant Panda!

Baby Blackbird

bird watch April

18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. He’s a bit grumpy looking though 🙂


  2. My count in our Sydney backyard is 49 species, and 80 in our suburb of Marrickville. The only ones to nest in the backyard are Indian mynahs, unfortunately – pests to all other birds.


  3. I like this change up of a post Andrew. I roared at the peeping Tom suggestion. Too funny. That’s quite the record book as well. 🙂


  4. I do the same thing, too. That’s the only way to see the babies

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  5. CrazyGuyinThailand

    Haha cool 🙂


  6. A couple of years before I retired, I took the summer off and gave myself permission to just be. I sat on my deck a lot that year watching all the birds who came to visit. Had to go out a buy a bird book after that. Such a relaxing way to wile away a few hours. This is a wonderful reminder, Andrew. Thanks. 🙂


  7. Great grumpy bird photo. Did you take it? My husband does nature photography, so I know how elusive a good bird photo can be. They just don’t seem to want to sit and pose.


  8. Wow, such variety in the birds you have in your environs. Makes me want to go out and take a look at what we have here!


  9. OMG – I laughed out loud at the Peeping Tom reference. We’ve had no altercations with the neighbours but I’m confident they are wondering sometimes 🙂


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