Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

Motorway Viaduct Asturias Spain

Motorway Viaduct, Asturias in Spain

As we twisted and turned around winding bends we suddenly found ourselves below one of the many concrete motorway viaducts that span the estuaries and gorges and we stopped to admire the sweeping, voluptuous structure arching and bending high above us, a magnificent and expansive feat of engineering, sinuous and wriggling like a plate of live eels and with more curves than Marilyn Monroe and from where we stood way below like a futuristic highway in the sky.

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12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

  1. That is utterly impressive. Great shot!


  2. That’s a cool looking road. I bet it’s fun to drive.


  3. Great capture of this massive road. Definitely a work of art.


  4. A very cool looking bridge! I just Googled it and your blog was top of the list. Well done!


  5. Awesome! I hope there is a substantial guard rail!


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