Ireland, The Preview

Ireland Map

I have just returned from Ireland and will be posting about the journey soon, but before I get around to it this is a little taster…

Ireland Guiness

Ireland Father Ted Tour Craggy Island Parochial House

Galway Street Entertainment

Ireland Cliffs of Moher

Ireland Ennistymon Bright Colours



17 responses to “Ireland, The Preview

  1. If the photos are any indication I expect a flurry of fabulous Irish tales ahead. 🙂


  2. So dislike Guinness. But Ireland is a pretty place eh? Hope you enjoyed it. And that soft rain 😀 as one of my colleagues said who had a place in the sw. We got the soft rain when we went sw.


  3. Very nice and one of my fave countries.


  4. Sounds enticing. Can’t wait. These picture sure are a teaser.


  5. Craggy Island Parocial House too, can’t wait to hear more


  6. Cheers, Andrew! 🙂
    I think you must have been to the wrong Ireland. It’s not supposed to have blue sky, is it?


  7. Well, one half of us (S) is Irish and they don’t think Guinness tastes any different! (although, believe it or not, we had a pint of the black stuff in Krabi, Thailand and it was made with powdered muck). Looking forward to part 2.


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