Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Car Parking In Italy

In Italy there is no parking discipline because an Italian driver will gladly block you in, double-park, use the bumpers to nudge other cars out of the way, scratch and graze other parked vehicles on the way in or the way out and generally disregard all of the normal rules of parking a car.

It took me some while to find somewhere that I was reasonably happy with and found a spot away from the busy part of the town on the end of a street where hopefully no one could park behind me because I didn’t want to get back to the car later and find it sandwiched between two others like this.

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6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. I’d hate to try and get out of that parking spot! I love the way you have captured a black car between two light coloured ones. It really brings the prompt of “between” right out to the forefront.


  2. In this sense, Italy is very similar to Moscow, but the last one is much more worse.


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