Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Peso Da Regua Hardware Store

Hardware Store, Peso Da Regua, Portugal

Arriving in Peso Da Regua we parked the car and walked into the town which had interesting shops and houses with colourful tiled walls in bright blues, greens and yellows.

There were some of those old fashioned hardware stores that you rarely see in northern Europe anymore with merchandise spread across the pavement and items for sale hanging from string and hooks from the doors and windows.  we ventured inside and there was the smell of chemicals and oil and we poked around the dusty shelves and baskets of special offers and then feeling obliged to buy something selected some cheap tea-towels and having made our purchase nodded politely to the man behind the counter and left.

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2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

  1. I love shops like these as browsing through them is like stepping back in time and you never walk out if there empty handed


  2. Nowadays, all the stores are too orderly. I love this kind, like the hardware store here, because poking around IS an adventure.


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