Doors of Portugal

Doors of Portugal 1  Burgau Algarve Portugal

Doors of Portugal 2

Portugal Door 3

15 responses to “Doors of Portugal

  1. Andrew the red door makes me wonder if their was some door kicking going on at some point. What do you think? Great collection of images.

  2. One of my favorite countries to visit and also one of my favorite subjects to post on Pinterest. I love old doors. With the history behind them, if these doors could talk….what wonderful tales they would tell.

  3. Do you happen to have a place in the world you would like to visit – BUT – have NOT yet seen?

  4. I’m with Sue on the red door. Seems this isn’t a cat flap, Andrew, (I know you’re kidding) but I bet there was a cat fight! Or, more likely, the lady of the house wouldn’t let hubby in when he came home soused and he kicked the door in frustration. :-D

  5. That red door is really sad and neglected. The third picture with the pale blue isn’t much better :(

  6. i love all these doors

  7. They are so decrepit. Have you taken these pictures in Lisbon?

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