Ireland, Funghi The Dolphin

Funghi Dingle Bay Dolphin

In a previous post I told the story of taking a boat ride to see Funghi the Dingle Bay Dolphin.  Unfortunately I wasn’t in a good position to take pictures so gave up quickly and just watched the show.

My friend Richard however found himself in prime position to capture the performance and these are a couple of shots that he took on the day.

Richard is a really good photographer and I think you might be interested in visiting his site to see some more of his wildlife and landscapes:

Funghi Dingle Bay Dolphin

From photography to art and this is a picture that my granddaughter drew for me after I told her the story of Funghi:

Molly's Dolphin Picture

As far as I know she doesn’t have her own website just yet!


Some more of my boat journeys recorded in the journal:

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Malta Tony-Oki-Koki

Corfu-1984 Georges Boat

Motorboat Ride from Kalami to Corfu Town

Rowing Boat on Lake Bled in Slovenia

A Boat Ride with Dolphins in Croatia

A Boat Ride with Dolphins in Wales

Gondola Ride in Venice

Captain Ben’s Boat in Anti Paros



21 responses to “Ireland, Funghi The Dolphin

  1. Bravo Richard although he should watch out for the talented grand daughter who clearly has an artistic streak. So sweet that you shared her drawing. Tell her I think it is brilliant!


  2. Beautiful images… I liked the last one most 🙂


  3. Looks to me like you should get your granddaughter started with the website! How old is she? That’s some pretty good artwork.


  4. You should send your granddaughter’s drawing to the boat company and ask them to use it as their logo!


  5. Children are much more advanced than we were at the same age. An artiste, I see.
    Richard’s art is something.


  6. Probably just a matter of time before she has her own blog…


  7. If one is judge by the drawing of your little granddaughter, Andrew, she will have a website or some other “bay” to express her evidently high intelligence – I say the latter on the basis of my training in cognitive psychology and interpretations via various means of free-expression 🙂


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