Weekly Photo Challenge: ZigZag

Schauinslandbahn Black Forest Germany

We negotiated the snow and drove down the difficult road to the village of Horben and then decided to go back up again but by a different form of transport because from here it was possible to reach the summit on the Schauinslandbahn, which at just over three and half kilometres is the longest cable car ride in Germany supported by its zigzag framework of metal towers.

The return ticket cost €11.50 but it was well worth it because as we climbed through an avenue of snow covered conifers there were great views to the north-west all along the Rhine valley and into neighbouring France.

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5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: ZigZag

  1. Wow!!!


  2. Nice take on the theme. You can’t get much more ziggity-zag than that! 🙂

    You’re welcome to come visit my late take on zigzag: http://wp.me/p255bn-ei


  3. Beautiful! (Sorry I hit the send button too quickly on my last comment😪) 😎


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