Entrance Tickets – Krakow Castle

Wawel Krakow Entrance Ticket

At the ticket office we had some difficulty working out the ticket options.  Our first choice of the Royal Palace was no longer available because the English speaking guides had all gone home already so instead we bought tickets for the State Rooms.

The tickets were timed and there was clearly no leeway but fortunately we made our entry time by the skin of our teeth and made the tour of the impressive rooms and displays.  This was a wonderful place full of treasures 0f inestimable value – we especially liked the room with the heads in the ceiling and everywhere there were remarkable tapestries and medieval furniture and treasures exhibited with generous space in which to appreciate them.   The rooms were huge, each one as big as a modern four bedroom detached house and I bet they were a bugger to heat in Winter!

The tour ended in the most impressive room of all, the Senators Hall, which was large and spacious with a balcony at one end, an interestingly slanting ceiling and an obsession with tapestries depicting Noah and his Ark.

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4 responses to “Entrance Tickets – Krakow Castle

  1. I should go there


  2. The castle sounds stunning. 🙂 Nice ticket.


  3. We took the tour, too, Andrew, and your descriptions are perfect. Although I think your ticket is much prettier than the one we received. 🙂 ~Terri


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