Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

I was terrified crossing this swaying, rotting foot bridge because some of the planks of wood were missing and the steel rope that held it all together was rusty and corroded.  With two or three people on it at the same time it rocked and lurched precariously from side to side and below us was a drop of about twenty metres to the fast flowing river strewn with sharp rocks and jagged boulders which, if it didn’t kill you outright, would have guaranteed an unpleasant landing and maybe a night or two in a hospital bed if the whole thing had come crashing down.

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9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

  1. Thank you for sharing!


  2. That was some adventure! I kind of like it on level ground! The bridge would have done me in.


  3. No no. I could not cross that bridge. Not my kind of adventure.You are so brave. 😦


  4. I love crossing these kinds of bridges! I don’t know why because I constantly freak out internally, but I never can pass up an opportunity. There was one in Northern Ireland I went over last year that was a bit rickety and one woman got halfway onto it and couldnt keep going.


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