Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Ballyvaughan Ireland

‘The purpose of signing on the road network is to promote safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of traffic’                                               National Roads Authority (Ireland)

We were anxious to continue with our journey now because we had a distance to travel towards our next destination of Dingle and we were unsure of the travelling time on account of conflicting information at breakfast.

We were planning to take a ferry across the River Shannon and although the lady who served breakfast said that it wouldn’t be too busy and there would be no problem, Sheila said that it might be so we should allow some extra time for the journey.  This created some uncertainty but everyone knows of course that in Ireland road signs are contradictory and confusing, distances are approximations and travel advice is as reliable as a government economic statistic.

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

  1. I get to see so many places I will never get to visit on my own – thanks.


  2. With so many individual signs slapped to the side of a pole, this indeed looks confusing and I haven’t even tried reading what any of them say. 😀


  3. One doesn’t have to travel far to get multiple versions of travel advice…as the crow flies, e.g.


  4. They may be confusing, but I love the composition of this photo!


  5. Do they pay people to allow signs framing their doors?


  6. This is like a mosaic of signboards!


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