Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Ciudad Rodrigo in the Fog

Rio Agueda, Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain

After a couple of hours of motoring from Valladolid and bypassing the golden sandstone city of Salamanca we came to Ciudad Rodrigo, which is the last city in Spain before reaching Portugal, a fortress city built to protect the western border of the country and as we approached we could see the walls and the fortifications standing proud on a rocky outcrop in a commanding defensive position.

As a consequence of a severe Atlantic storm in the west there was a hissing wind and dark scowling clouds that the mountains of Portugal had failed to detain racing in from the west like battleships.  It was mean and moody but there was no rain so that was a bonus.

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

  1. Good choice, Andrew. Dreamy and a little surreal.


  2. Another great photo~ is Rodrigo in the region of Extremadura? Can’t say I’ve heard too many great things about the area throughout my own travels.


  3. Love ‘racing in like battleships’ 🙂


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