Where Am I?

Amsterdam Canals

My walk begins in a UNESCO World Heritage Site area close to the edge where a careless moment could lead to a cold bath in murky water.

I am in an area now overrun with tourists but once popular with sailors returning from a long overseas voyage. It is best not to show too much interest here so I hurry through and head west towards the city centre, one of Europe’s smallest capitals taking care not to be hospitalised by straying into a cycle lane or onto high speed tram tracks.

The walk crosses bridges and passes museums because it is said that the city has more per square kilometre than any other in the World including an important satellite site of a famous museum in Russia.

Tall and elegant brick built buildings line the streets adorned with decoration and heraldry and every now and again the three Saltires, the blue and white symbol of the city.

I pass a Royal Palace and see a house with an attic with a hidden secret.

The pavements are busy because this city is in the top ten most visited in Europe and people come to buy a famous cheese and take home some uncomfortable footwear as a souvenir.

Twin cities include Manchester, Istanbul and Montreal.

Crossing the inner ring road I am in a huge city park and close by is a museum dedicated to one of the country’s most famous artists and then walking back I pass the house of a seventeenth century artist generally regarded to be one of the finest ever and who painted almost one hundred self portraits (or selfies).

Never far from water I walk back to the centre and pass coffee houses selling dubious cakes and as evening descends through the rosy glow of the streets and back to my hotel close to the main line railway station where trains head mainly south.

So, pub quiz time…

Where am I?

Who lives (sometimes) in the Royal Palace?

What is the secret of the attic?

What is the museum?

Who are the artists?

14 responses to “Where Am I?

  1. It does sound like Amsterdam, so the attic would have been the hiding place for Anne Frank and her family. I’ll leave the rest of the questions to someone else!


  2. I was thinking ‘too easy’ until I reached the blue and white Saltires. The flag of the city is red, white and black. Clever trap for the unwary!

    Nice idea for a blog post though, Andrew!

    And I spend some time trying to identify the cafe you’re sitting at.


  3. Like it… made me think, then remember my times there when I was 20 🙂


  4. As I read, those were my exact questions after the question in the body, “I pass a Royal Palace and see a house with an attic with a hidden secret.” 😀 😀


  5. The attic really did give it away, but without that, it would have been a tough one for me! Still a challenge as the attic didn’t appear until later in the post.


  6. Amsterdam, and Van Gogh Museum perhaps? 🙂


  7. Like the idea for the post Andrew. Clever clues.


  8. You totally had me flummoxed. I’ve never been at all good at trivia questions.


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