Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Wroclaw Dwarf

The dwarfs of Wroclaw can be found posing outside buildings and along the footpaths all over the city and this afternoon we bought a dwarf map and went looking for them.

The map must be rather old and out of date because it lists only seventy-nine of these little people but the dwarfs own web site (http://krasnale.pl/) says that there at least two hundred and five and some sources claim that there are as many as two hundred and fifty so the chances of seeing them all in one afternoon seemed hopelessly ambitious.

See more minimalist people in Wroclaw…

8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

  1. Love the ideas generated, but no evidence of success without a good map 😀


  2. I do love Wrocław! One of my favourites despite only locating a dozen or so of the rumored 200 dwarfs! (I’m convinced they come to life and run about town in the middle of the night just to confuse us poor, unsuspecting tourists…)


  3. Love this one! Great photo as always.


  4. Now there’s a nice memory! No idea when I’ll be back in Poland. The cousin in Wroclaw ran into financial difficulties in his business and is in Norfolk with half of his family, working to pay off debts.


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