Turkey, Final Days

Turkey Souvenir Shopping Bag

On the penultimate day we were running out of things to do.  We were awake early and taking breakfast on the balcony and decided to take the bus to the nearby town of Akbuk which was recommended for its Friday market.

This being Thursday I was smugly certain that a bus ride there would do no harm.

So we walked to Altinkum and to the bus terminus at the bottom of Kemal Atatürk Boulevard and waited twenty minutes or so for a Dolmus to turn up.  The bus arrived and we set off on an uncomfortable forty minute ride to the town situated around the bay on the opposite side of the peninsula.

When we arrived I was in for a shock because on account of this being a religious holiday weekend the Friday market had been brought forward to Thursday and the bus dropped us off at the market car park and there was no way of escaping it.  Kim didn’t want to escape it of course and I had some difficulty in keeping up with her as she set off into the labyrinth of stalls like a child visiting a Father Christmas grotto!

There was nothing I could do but tag along.  A week ago in Didim market I was able to volunteer to take the grocery purchases home but here in Akbuk I was thirty kilometres away from sanctuary so there was nothing for it but to grit my teeth and put up with my hopeless predicament.

Poseidon Altinkum

Actually, it wasn’t that bad I have to say, it was a relatively small market and within a very short time we appeared to have seen all that there was to see so we left by a back exit on a dusty street and made our way to the sea front where we wandered around the boats in a way that we hadn’t been allowed to at the Didim Marina and then we found a comfortable bar next to the sea and stopped for a drink before taking the Dolmus back to Altinkum.  Akbuk had been an interesting distraction for a morning but I won’t be rushing back!

For the rest of the day we didn’t do anything that we hadn’t done before so I have nothing really to tell you about except that we did go out for dinner rather than stay in and cook for ourselves and we took the Dolmus to Yesilkent and back and in between we enjoyed a final last evening meal before returning to the apartment.

On the final day we did even less.  Got up late, cleaned the apartment, replenished any supplies that we had used and then went for a final swim and a lunch at Paradise Beach.

The mood there was much calmer today and the owners appeared to have settled their differences because there was no arguing.  The man had a smart new hair cut so perhaps that was what the savage argument had been about? Who knows?

Today we threw calorie caution to the wind and ran through the entire menu of pancakes, meatballs, salad and fries and then we washed it down with an Efes or two and just sat and looked out over the sea and let the afternoon slowly slip carelessly through our fingers.  It would be a long time before we would enjoy the sea again so we were reluctant to leave but eventually it was time and we made our way back to the apartment for final packing.

In the late afternoon the airport transport bus (not IMX) arrived to collect us and soon we were making our way out of Altinkum and Didim and making our way around the southern shore of Lake Bafa and towards the airport at Bodrum.

As we drove I drew up a balance sheet of our visit to Turkey.  I had enjoyed the antiquity and the ruins, the temples and the ancient cities; the long walks along the coast; the friendly people; Bodrum; our excellent apartment courtesy of our friends Steve and Kath and the weather.  On the other side of the balance sheet were the dogs, the litter and IMX Travel but overall I declared the holiday a resounding success and look forward to returning to Turkey as soon as the travel itinerary allows.

Temple of Apollo Didyma



17 responses to “Turkey, Final Days

  1. I’m glad that overall, despite some drawbacks, the enjoyment of of your final days of Turkey weren’t anything but good. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Quite a switch from the dog-days appraisal. Glad it worked out OK in the end.


  3. Loved Turkey and its history, people, food.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad to hear the tally come out on the positive side Andrew. I concur and would welcome an opportunity to return to Turkey.


  5. Montenegro? Where did you stay? I thought it looked pretty with the mountain backdrop, but I’ve never been. 🙂

    Love your jovial picture at the top! A postcard, I presume? You used it as a header the other day and I thought it was very effective.


    • I found Montenegro a bit threatening, a lot of people carry guns apparently! Nice enough in the coastal resorts but different inland.
      The picture is a scan of a plastic shopping bag from a tourist boutique!


  6. Plenty more to see in Turkey! And for sure, Istanbul.

    I didn’t make it inland in Montenegro last time, but the coast is gorgeous and quite unthreatening! Not a place to visit in high season, of course.


  7. Only dipped my toe into Turkey for a couple of days… enjoyed your appraisal and good to hear you would go back… it’s on my list.


  8. Turkey is on our list of ‘hopefully one day’ destinations. Thanks for the helpful preview!


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