Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge – Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral, Spain

Burgos Cathedral, Spain

The third largest in Spain after Seville and Toledo and we walked to the great Gothic construction with its balustraded turrets, needle-pointed pinnacles, statues of the Saints and steel grey filigree lace towers soaring above us, went inside and grudgingly paid the €7 entrance fee.

Actually this turned out to be very good value for money because I would agree with the travel writer Jan Morris that this is perhaps the finest Cathedral that I have visited in Spain, better than both Seville and Toledo and with an audio guide thrown in.  It took some time to visit all of the chapels on both sides and eventually reach the centre of the building with its huge grey columns reaching up above us supporting a magnificent ribbed central dome where underneath in pride of place was the resting place and tomb of El Cid and his equally famous wife Doña Ximena Díaz  Actually I was expecting something a bit grander but the great National hero of Spain is buried under a rather simple marble gravestone.

Through the magnificent stained glass windows we could see that there were occasional shafts of sunlight so with the weather improving Kim began to get restless so we hurried our pace for the remainder of the visit but I did manage to slow her down long enough to visit the Cathedral museum where amongst the exhibits were the travel chest of El Cid, which I am fairly certain he wouldn’t be able to use as Ryanair cabin baggage and a blood thirsty statue of Saint James the Moor slayer.

Burgos Cathedral

15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge – Burgos Cathedral

  1. I really like this final photo Andrew. I am always challenged when trying to capture a large building. Now what did you do with the people? 🙂


  2. What an incredible church…. we were only here in September while on the Camino and remember doing the audio tour. Couldn’t believe the size of it! WOW!


  3. Oh my. Gorgeous. Takes my breath away.


  4. I did a whole paper on this Cathedral for my art history class while I was studying in Spain! Cool that you got to see it- not sure if you went to Cordoba while you were in Spain, but their Mosque is beautiful too.


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