Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge – The Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro Park Poberdy

The Moscow Metro:

Whilst visitors to London would be unlikely to consider the ‘Tube’ to be a tourist attraction in Moscow the Metro is a ‘must visit’ place and not just for getting around the city because each station has a unique construction using elaborate decorations and materials from all over the country.  Station designs incorporate granite, quartzite, limestone, twenty kinds of marble, semiprecious stones and are decorated with bronze sculptures, majolica panels, stainless steel columns, glittering chandeliers, bas-relief friezes, stained-glass panels, murals, and mosaics.

Moscow MetroMoscow Metro Detail

All lines start in the suburbs of Moscow and converge on the centre and there  is an interesting legend about the origin of the ring line.  A group of engineers met with Stalin to inform him of progress and as he looked at the drawings he poured himself some coffee and spilt a small amount over the edge of the cup. When he was asked whether or not he liked the project so far he put his cup down on the centre of the Metro blueprints and left in silence.  The bottom of the cup left a brown circle on the drawings.  Interpreting this as a sign of Stalin’s genius they gave orders for the building of the ring line, which on the maps is always shown in brown.

On the other hand, brown is also the colour of bullshit!

Moscow Metro

17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge – The Moscow Metro

  1. What a great story about Stalin! Do you think it’s really true?


    • I think it is just a great story! I left Moscow with the firm view that although he was a brutal despot who destroyed much of the Tsarist past he was also a man of vision responsible for impressive communist architectural achievements. I am not sure about the coffee stain story though!


  2. Excellent post and incredible images… 🙂

    I have heard very highly about the Moscow metro, and really would like to explore it once 🙂


  3. Imagine the upkeep on those stations, to keep them spick and span!

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  4. I really like the last picture,


  5. Whatever the stories, the results are impressive. Even I’m curious to see them.


  6. Wow, those Moscow underground stations can knock blocks off the London stations. They could be mistaken for the grand entrance into a country mansion. Those floors must get polished every day and I bet there is no chewing gum in sight. I wonder if they have ‘Tube Mice’ like London does?


  7. I really have a craving to see Moscow and St. Pete’s. Not going to happen any time soon 😦


  8. Andrew, which station or stations did you like most of all.


  9. I am agree, Ploshchad Revolyutsii is a real museum, but my favorite was Arbatckaja. It is white, all.


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