Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten – Greek Islands

Kavala Thassos Ferry

“Somewhere… I once found a list of diseases… and among these occurred the word Islomania, which was described as a rare but by no means unknown affliction of spirit.  These are people…who somehow find islands irresistible.  A little world surrounded by the sea, fills them with indescribable intoxication.   Lawrence Durrell – ‘Reflections on a Marine Venus’

Greek Ferry Artemis in Paros

“… as you gaze over the rail (of the ferry) you may have a Byronic twinge of nostalgia and decide that one day you might return to settle among those mazy streets and silent dusty squares.”  Lawrence Durrell

Blue Star Paros approaching Athens

The best feeling on leaving an island is the experience of gazing back and knowing one day that you might return!

16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten – Greek Islands

  1. I believe I have a very serious case of Islomania Andrew. When leaving both Maui and Santorini Dave practically had to drag me to the airport.


  2. Not a bad disease to have… 🙂


  3. I also suffer from this after a recent trip around the islands of Southern Dalmatia in Croatia! Great to see your photos.


  4. Islomania has not struck anyone I know, but I’m glad to know the side effects and will be on the lookout. 😀

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  5. i too am very familiar with this syndrome. Capri and Santorini tugged especially hard. 🙂


  6. Uninhabited islands especially contagious.

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