Budapest, A Curiosity in the Market

Budapest Hungary Market

Does anyone know what they are?  I don’t…  

12 responses to “Budapest, A Curiosity in the Market

  1. I have no idea, but it is weird.

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  2. Me neither, but I’d buy them for that irresistibly happy smile (and indigestion) 😦


  3. I think you should buy them all and let them out!


  4. Looks like fruit preserves….cloves for the eyes? There is something similar here in Mexico.


  5. If my eyes serve me right, even after enlarging the top photo, Andrew, they are pickle cabbage stuffed little/miniature peppers done with a lot of love and humour 😀 We have those in Croatia only larger peppers are more popular. But hey, I could be wrong it could be an entirely different stuffing in an entirely different species of a vegetable 🙂 All in all it must be absolutely delicious as salad stuff with winter meats and sausages :”D


  6. They are pickled onions. Why they have “faces” is something else. I suspect it is just a matter of having fun with an otherwise monotone food.


  7. Definitely onions! Also I couldn’t stop laughing when you wrote “this is not a quiz!” I did really like those even though I was a bad participant…


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