Greek Islands Quiz Answers

Greek Islands

The general feedback on my quizzes is that they are too hard.  This one was about the Greek islands which I concede might be a bit difficult if you haven’t been to them or have a copy of the Dorling Kindersley Greek Island guidebook handy.

A lot of people knew that the first picture is Santorini which is not a big surprise but then struggled with the others.

There is a winner however and congratulations to:

Restlessjo  restlessjo

Who correctly identified all four in the right order:

1 Santorini
2 Rhodes
3 Is that Corfu Town?
4 Mykonos

Now I suggest that you click the link and take a look at Jo’s blog, it comes with my recommendation.


4 responses to “Greek Islands Quiz Answers

  1. A sharp learning curve for me. There are only three words there I understand there in your answers! Oh no 4…. Corfu is a kind of bean. 🙂

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  2. Glad you found a winner. 🙂 Lucky Jo.

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  3. Oh yippee for Jo! This was fun Andrew and I hope you don’t give up on the quizzes. 🙂


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