Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow Refuse Truck

Dennis Eagle Cory Environmental Gedling

I found myself unexpectedly in the employment of Cory Environmental because in the 1980s and 90s local authorities were obliged to market test their services through direct competition with the private sector.

I worked for a Council in Nottinghamshire and we lost our work through the tendering process.  This wasn’t because we were too expensive or couldn’t put a decent business case together but rather because the people running Cory Environmental didn’t have much of a clue and submitted an under priced bid that they couldn’t possibly hope to financially or operationally achieve but importantly for them was absolutely certain to win the contract.

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One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow Refuse Truck

  1. I love yellow. Anything. Unconsciously, I find myself smiling when I see anything that color. This truck sure is a LOT of yellow. Good choice for the challenge. Interesting story, as well.


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