Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow – The Colour of Meadows

Field of Yellow Rape

15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow – The Colour of Meadows

  1. When did you take this? It looks like canola to me and that colour should be there at the end of spring early summer. And where?


    • It is canola or rapeseed. The header picture was taken in Derbyshire in England and the main picture in La Rochelle in France, both in the late spring time.
      When I was a boy we never saw yellow fields like these but in the past 20 years more and more is grown in the UK because of its high yield and reliability – they look pretty too, which is a bonus!


  2. Beautiful Andrew! Is this rapeseed or canola? Do you remember my post this summer about this yellow crop?


  3. I find yellow fields of Slavonia in Croatia particularly captivating – worth a visit at least on Google images 🙂

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  4. The contrast with the bright sky is gorgeous.

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  5. ahh, Summer 🙂 Well that’s what you photo reminds me of, Andrew.

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