Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Los Cuatro Canos Brompi Stove

In a hotel in the Spanish town of Siguenza we had a charming second-floor room with stone walls and wooden ceiling beams, terracotta floor tiles, small window terraces with iron balcony rails and on account of the cool weather a large stove in the corner, a groaning monster delivering more heat than strictly necessary, spitting sparks and wheezing like an asthmatic after a long walk but it was cosy, very cosy and we liked it.

Later we discovered that the stove had a mind of its own and could burst spontaneously into life at unexpected moments. We had been told not to touch the controls because it was ‘automatico’  but I just couldn’t stop myself interfering.

I cannot be absolutely sure that it was because of me but I expect that it was because I had been interfering with the controls, but the fire in the room unexpectedly started the ignition process sometime around one o’clock in the morning and immediately woke us up.

The last thing we needed was this thing spitting and hissing and firing up the room while we tried to sleep so after an hour or so I returned to the controls and randomly stabbed at the buttons until it eventually stopped.  I’m not sure that I should have done that because the web site provides the following information:

“The stove technology takes different factors into consideration such as – pellet characteristics, quality, density, moisture, etc. – installation characteristics: total length of the flue pipes, diameter, bends, curves, etc.- ambient characteristics: wind, atmospheric pressure, height above sea level, etc. After detecting and analyzing these factors, the stove automatically self-configures in real time, adjusting technical parameters in order to optimize the pellet combustion and the stove operation.”

So I am fairly certain that I was responsible for its rather curious behaviour but at least it was off now and we could sleep peacefully until morning and it did come back on normally at nine o’clock so I reassured myself that I hadn’t done any permanent or expensive rechargeable damage.

14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

  1. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s take on the “warmth” challenge. Sounds as though you had a sassy stove…still very cozy!


  2. Correct me if I am wrong but do you not have a history of fighting with such stoves? 🙂


  3. That heater looks a bit expensive – very high tech.


  4. The trouble with long lists like that, it implies that everything possible has been wisely considered!…… It didn’t name you as a thing to consider….. So that’s ok then! You can be rest assured none of it had anything to do with you! 🙂


  5. Whew! I could use that fire-breathing dragon right now! It’s -6°F outside (-21°C), and I’m getting a chill off the window next to my computer desk.

    Before this morning’s over, I think I’ll be wrapped up in a comforter, thinking about that glowing Spanish stove!

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