Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth – A Coffee Shop in Tallinn

Coffee Shop in Tallinn

It was snowing quite heavily by this time but it was still only tiny dry flakes and not nearly substantial enough to settle in the streets but there was already a gentle dusting on the gabled rooftops and on the Market Square Christmas tree and the town was beginning to assume a wintery appearance.  There was nothing in the market that we hadn’t already seen so we completed a quick circuit and then with the snow beginning to cling to our coats decided that it was time for a final drink in Tallinn.

In one corner of the square there was an archway and behind that a narrow lane where there was a little café/bar called the Kehrwieder Chocolaterie that had an inviting appearance so we went inside and discovered a most charming shabby/chic interior with rustic furniture and comfortable chairs, the crackle of a log fire and the smell of chocolate and seasonal spices.  With traditional Christmas decorations it was like a scene from a Yule tide picture postcard and we sat and chatted and enjoyed our drink and through the windows watched as the snow continued to fall.

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16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth – A Coffee Shop in Tallinn

  1. Coffee shops do have an air of warmth in their atmosphere.


  2. You make it sound so beautiful Andrew. Can I pass you a anow shovel? 🙂


  3. Ah Andrew, the snowfall sounds so beautiful and romantic – of course that’s coming from a Southerner (US) who rarely gets to see it. And amazing – I remember that shop from Tallinn – truly the definition of warmth. Well Done! 🙂 ~Terri


    • Thanks Terri. We like a bit of snow in the UK – a couple of centimetres and everything grinds to a halt and the newspapers declare a national emergency. Luckily it never stays around very long to be a real nuisance.
      That was a good coffee shop, I could have stayed there most of the day.
      Happy New Year and enjoy thou travels in 2015 – I look forward to following the blog for another year!


  4. This is so very nice!

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  5. There just aren’t going to be enough hours in the day today, Andrew! Happy 2015 to you and the clan 🙂


  6. Happy 2015, Andrew!

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