Travel Postcards of the Year, 2014

Wroclaw Postcard

Guadalajara Province Map

Galway Ireland

Corfu Map

Turkey Postcard 3

Map of Hungary




12 responses to “Travel Postcards of the Year, 2014

  1. I’ll make it to all those places, one day, Andrew!

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  2. I think I will go to Corfu. 🙂


  3. Got to see some more places in Turkey! And one day I will go to Poland…

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  4. Thanks for your Kalami recommendation – my travel highlight of 2014…

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  5. The shape of Corfu always reminds me a little of Italy.


  6. I love the regal architecture of the buildings in the Polish postcard, but have never had a yen to go there. That’s one European country I can go to without an interpreter. I can’t figure it out. Everyplace else calls to me instead. *scratches head*


  7. I do love postcards, Andrew! Polska has to be my favourite but that Turkish one is rather distinctive too. 🙂

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