Travel Pictures of the Year, 2014

Anonymous Pedestrians Wroclaw PolandSemana Santa Holy Week Siguenza 3Ballyvaughan IrelandThe Mallard National Railway Museum YorkCorfu TurtleHierapolis Pamukkale TurkeyBudapestCleethorpes Cloudy Sky

14 responses to “Travel Pictures of the Year, 2014

  1. The amphitheater is awesome.

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  2. All your choices are stellar. I especially like the Polish pavement project. Happy New Year.


  3. These are fantastic and brought back some great memories of your posts. The sight of the inflatable turtle made me chuckle. You getting stuck in the elevator with that thing was one of the funniest posts i read anywhere all year!


  4. Seems like a great year:-)
    Love the last one!


  5. Wow, I love the cross in the sky! (even if I am atheist…) 😉

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  6. Ok- the Polish zombies are great, but my favorite is the inflated turtle with human legs.


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