Freedom of Speech


“It is marvellous that I have walked for five years along the precipices of the Revolution without falling over them, and that I am still living; and I rest my head calmly upon the pillow of my writings… I have dreamed of a Republic such as all the world would have adored. I could never have believed that men could be so ferocious and so unjust.”

Camille Desmoulins – French Revolutionary and Journalist – murdered by Jacobin terrorists 5th April 1794.

Does history teach us nothing except that horrors will inevitably be repeated?

14 responses to “Freedom of Speech

  1. If a man believes his religion is worth killing for, let him start with himself….


  2. A post about history is always a good idea. We need to remember what has happened in the past. Especially during these times.

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  3. History always repeats itself, sadly. There always have been, and always will be parasitic idiots that walk this earth, who will always attempt to justify barbaric acts in the name of anything other than their own feeble will. Rose has the right idea. With the way our country is heading, we only have to look back 80 years to Germany and the similarities are terrifying.


  4. No, history offers us good lessons but we refuse to learn: we do not need to repeat the mistakes of the past but we do. Or is war the norm and peace only an aberration?


  5. Such a tragedy yesterday that just keeps recurring. Thank you for this post Andrew. Well put!


  6. The trouble is we haven’t learned a thing. Over and over history has repeated itself and repeats itself yet again. Such a waste.

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  7. After 45 tears as a History teacher – the one constant we learn from history is that we learn nothing. Every little child learns that the fire is hot, and the more mummy tries to protect it the more eager the little darling is to burn herself. Eventually the terrorists learn that good people will not succumb to their evil. But each terrorist needs to learn it and there will always be another. “I could never have believed that men could be so ferocious and so unjust.”


  8. It is indeed a powerful quote and an apt one. I didn’t know anything about this person, so thanks for the introduction.

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