Entrance Tickets – Six Bridges of Porto

Five Bridges of Porto

The ticket said five bridges but it turned out that there were six!

The boat left at midday and just went up and down the river to visit thebridges of Porto that cross the Douro.  Furthest west is the road bridge Ponte Do Friexo and then following the river towards the Atlantic Ocean the railway bridge Ponte San Joao and then Eiffel’s own iron bridge the Ponte Do Maria Pia, which was undergoing renovation and repair, the concrete and unremarkable Ponte Do Infante, the marvellous Ponte Dom Luis I and finally close to the mouth of the river the bridge that carries the city’s modern ring road, the Ponte Da Arrabida.

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3 responses to “Entrance Tickets – Six Bridges of Porto

  1. We loved that cruise. Glad you enjoyed!

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  2. How old were the tickets? 😮 😀 😀
    “The ticket said five bridges but it turned out that there were six!”


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