Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


When I was much younger I was in the Boy Scouts which was genuinely good preparation for later life because it taught discipline, purpose and respect and some truly useful skills like first aid and survival, using an axe and a compass and lighting fires without the aid of a cigarette lighter.

Looking now at the Scout progress card however there is one thing I’m not so sure about and that is stalking.  In the Scouts you got a badge for being good at that but these days that sort of thing is likely to land you in a whole lot of trouble!

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

  1. Torturing me with more Iceland photos I see. 🙂 Next trip to Europe we are going there on the way. Our friends are making the stop this spring and i have total travel envy.


  2. That is kind of creepy, but a great shot for the theme.

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