Postcards From Disney World, EPCOT

Epcot World Showcase

“The true iconic Epcot experience comes in taking your time to wander through the 11 countries in the World Showcase, stopping to shop for Japanese etchings or Mexican folk art, going for a boat ride in the Mexico pavilion, watching a circle-vision panoramic adventure film in O’Canada, strolling through souks designed to resemble the real ones in Marrakech and Fes in the Morocco pavilion, watching nimble acrobats in China…and on and on.”                           Terry Ward (a man of obviously limited travel ambition) –   USA Today (2014)

EPCOT, it has to be said, is an odd place – at the same time both intriguing and disappointing.  It was the vision of Walt Disney himself to build a new twentieth century city but after he died the Disney Corporation accountants gained control, declared it too expensive and everything was downsized until it became nothing more than an add-on theme park to Magic Kingdom without any of the Magic.

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United Kingdom

germany world showcase 1


5 responses to “Postcards From Disney World, EPCOT

  1. I haven’t been to Epcot for over 30 years. Can we say accountant don’t have hearts?


  2. I’m surprised you made it through all 11 countries. Was it because there were children involved or was it the steep price of admission?


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