Entrance Tickets – Graham’s Port Wine Lodge, Porto

022 Christine had picked up a flyer advertising Graham’s and despite the fact that it was the furthest one away and the least sensible one to visit we don’t generally let Christine make many decisions  and we didn’t want to disappoint her so that was the one we decided upon.

To get there we had to walk all along the south bank of the river Douro and then negotiate a busy main road without a pavement that climbed and twisted away from the river and all the way we had to be wary of speeding traffic driving wildly around dangerous blind bends.

It was hot and we were glad to reach the lodge, find the entrance, pay the reasonable €3 admission and enjoy a nice chilled white sherry.


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6 responses to “Entrance Tickets – Graham’s Port Wine Lodge, Porto

  1. Port & Madeira are about the only two alcoholic beverages I don’t like, so I didn’t do the Oporto visit. Jerez, however, ah! that was a different story. I could have spent all day at the Gonzalez Byass place drinking Tio Pepe.
    Lovely article by the way.


  2. I’m not one for port either. Must be because I don’t smoke smelly, fat cigars 😀

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  3. Our experience in going to the Port Institure

    Our experience in going to the Port Institue in Lisbaon was that we were severely under dressed and knew nothing about port at all. We knew less about cigars.


  4. Op 21 jan. 2015, om 04:15 heeft Have Bag, Will Travel het volgende geschreven:

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