Entrance Tickets – The King of Spain’s Palace at Aranjuez

Aranjuez Spain

King Juan Carlos has eight Royal Palaces to choose from but I suspect he doesn’t stay at this one very often because it didn’t look very ‘lived in’, if you know what I mean; most are close to Madrid and one is on the island of Mallorca.  We walked through the gardens and then paid the entrance fee to go inside and take the tour through a succession or rooms (all the same, by the way) and then some exhibits about life at the Royal Spanish court through the ages.

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Aranjuez leaflet 1

8 responses to “Entrance Tickets – The King of Spain’s Palace at Aranjuez

  1. Love this, “…because it didn’t look very ‘lived in’,” My belly laugh first thing this morning. 😀 😀 😀

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  2. I agree with the first comment! I laughed too: ‘not lived in.’ If a King has eight palaces…then he very well has the means to find someone to live in this one for him and give the Royal Family a place with a homey touch. That he didn’t attend to this detail is practically inexcusable.


  3. Perhaps we could help with the lived in business. A few hundred blogging comrades could show up for a weekend retreat? 🙂


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