Age of Innocence, 1954 – More about Nuclear Testing

Nevada Test Site

Last time I took a look at nuclear weapons testing and finished with the bikini swimsuit.  Anyway, back now to the serious stuff of destroying the World!

Nuclear testing was big business in the 1950s as the United States and the Soviet Union prepared with stubborn enthusiasm for wiping each other permanently off the face of the earth.  The fact that a major explosion even on the opposite side of the World might have serious consequences for both protagonists and pretty much everyone else in between just didn’t seem to occur to them.

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3 responses to “Age of Innocence, 1954 – More about Nuclear Testing

  1. Terrifying to read but also an important reminder of mans madness…


  2. This postcard is startling. It seems to say, “Come and celebrate nuclear bombs in Nevada!” Which… of course is precisely what it’s saying, only it’s just so uncomfortable that I’m having a hard time believing it.


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