Entrance Tickets – The Oskar Schindler Enamel Factory in Krakow

Oskar Schindler's Factory Museum After a while we arrived at the factory, which was being converted into a museum but as the project was way behind schedule there was only a temporary exhibition to look around. When Podgórze became the site of the Jewish Ghetto many Germans set up businesses in the area in an attempt to profit from the Nazi invasion of Poland. Oskar Schindler was such a man, but in the end he came to save the lives of over eleven hundred Jews that worked in his factory, often at great risk to his own life and at personal expense.





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11 responses to “Entrance Tickets – The Oskar Schindler Enamel Factory in Krakow

  1. Did you feel excited being there or was the mood ruined because the project was incomplete?


  2. The story of Schindler is astounding. Gives me goosebumps.


  3. Nice post! I know Krakow -beautiful city and of course this interesting story, too. Thanks for sharing. Kamila


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