Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth – A Waterfall in Iceland

Gullfoss Water Fall Iceland

“No waterfall in Europe can match Gullfoss.  In wildness and fury it outdoes the Niagra Falls in the United States”                                                                                      From the Travel Diary of two Danes in the retinue of Frederick VII of Denmark (1907).

I haven’t seen any of the World’s major falls such as the Angel Falls in Venezuela (the highest, and thirty times taller than Gullfoss), the Victoria Falls (claimed to be the largest in the world by volume) or the Niagara Falls (the widest in the world), but these were nevertheless really most exciting and dramatic and even better because the river was swollen from weeks of heavy rain and the water thundered over the rocks adjacent to the paths and the spray gathered into a white mist that wrapped itself around us like a damp cloak.

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Gullfoss Falls Iceland

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth – A Waterfall in Iceland

  1. Astounding photo Andrew. You really are working me into an Icelandic wanderlust frenzy.


  2. The power of water. I can’t help hearing it thunder just from the pictures!


  3. I’ll be sure to pay a visit when I’m in Iceland in March. I’ve booked at the Best Western, so hope they haven’t double booked us!


  4. I would love to see this falls. Your photos do make it look incredible. I saw Niagara and it was such a disappointment – I think because I had built up my expectations. Then a few months later I saw Shoshone Falls in southern Idaho, and was blown away because I had not previously heard of it, and it was amazing!

    so hey, you might like seeing a few of the posts on this site. They haven’t posted for awhile, but these images from Iceland are truly jaw-dropping. https://footstepsofgiantsblog.wordpress.com/


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