Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth – The Metro in St Petersburg

St Petersburg Metro

Because it needs to run below huge rivers, the Saint-Petersburg Metro is the deepest in the World and the Primorskaya platform is seventy-one metres below ground with an escalator ride of one hundred and ten metres which takes several minutes to get to the bottom (the deepest station on the London Underground by-the-way is Angel on the Northern Line at sixty metres and on the New York Subway it is 191st Street on the Seventh Avenue Line at a mere fifty-five metres).

You always have to be careful about these biggest, highest, widest sort of statistics of course because there is always an inevitable challenge.  Saint-Petersburg bases its claim on an average depth of the entire network.  The unfortunately named Arsenalna is a station on the metro in Kiev in the Ukraine and at 105.5 metres is currently the deepest station in the world.

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth – The Metro in St Petersburg

  1. A photo says more tha thousands of words. 🙂


  2. Give me the willies, partly because we don’t have subways in my city and I’m not used to going underground.


  3. I can see the point Tess makes. Some of our train system goes underground for short periods but not halfway to the center of the earth!

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