Entrance Tickets – Venice Museums


Next door in the Piazzetta is the Doge’s Palace with Gothic arcades at ground level and an elaborate loggia on the floor above and a long queue of people waiting for their turn at the ticket office.

We joined this and enjoyed the sun as the queue moved slowly past and around the street vendors and the ladies selling bags of grain for feeding the birds.  The Palace is a museum now and we took the route through the rooms where great works of art were displayed and then crossed the Bridge of Sighs to reach the old Palace prisons on the other side of a canal.

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Venice Museum


6 responses to “Entrance Tickets – Venice Museums

  1. The combined museums ticket is such a bargain!

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  2. All of Venice is a big art installation. Every way you look is prettier than the next. The water, the food, the people, the gondola, the architecture…it is a masterpiece.


  3. Revisit over and over again, Andrew? Not live there? Hmm. So what is lacking?


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