Age of Innocence – 1959, Missile Mail

Since the 1930s there had been various attempts at speeding up postal services.  In 1934 for example a rocket was launched over a sixteen thousand metre flight path between two Hebridean islands in Scotland with a fuselage packed with mail.  Unfortunately the rocket exploded and destroyed most of its cargo, which was a bit of a shame if you had put ten shillings in a birthday card to someone!

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8 responses to “Age of Innocence – 1959, Missile Mail

  1. Why does this post have two dates? How could I have missed your March 2 post? Maybe it’s too early in the morning yet. 💡


  2. Great information, Andrew. Almost like an April fools joke or something from a sci-fi movie. I would never have believed that delivering mail by missile would have been taken so seriously.


  3. Yep. And about sums up the British space program. 🙂

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  4. melissajane14

    Of course it wasn’t commercially viable. They just wanted to show off their missiles 😛

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  5. Great, but I could swear I already saw it. Or are you messing with my de ja vu mind?

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