Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange, The Italian Town of Marino

Marino Italy

Marino is clearly not a tourist place but instead a traditional Italian living and working town with shabby narrow streets, care worn but brightly colour-washed buildings with ancient coats of paint which have blotched and blurred by successive harsh summers and the result is a glorious wash like water colours leaking in the rain, everything running, flaking and fusing.

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange, The Italian Town of Marino

  1. Love the colors of Italy and the fact that this is not a touristy place.

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  2. I can’t help but think of years and years of the harsh sun baking all that paint. 😀


  3. It’s funny how here in the US your neighbors will condemn you if you don’s paint your house once every 5-10 years. In Europe it is a badge of honor to have old patinaed paint on the buildings. I love it. Romantic, historic, timeless.


  4. Oh Andrew, I think this is my favourite orange yet. This old beauty in architecture really touches me. The paint tells much of the story and adds to the whole character of the place.


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