Warsaw, Street Images

Warsaw Astronomical ClockSolidarity Gary Cooper

13 responses to “Warsaw, Street Images

  1. What a collection Andrew! What does the street art with the man upside down signify?


  2. Something different – love the colors of Warsaw 🙂 Lovely day. Kamila


  3. For a second there, looking at the last one I thought: “Hang on a minute, Poles are not known to ‘siesta’ during middle of the day” and then a realise these ‘resting’ men are actually standing and supporting on their shoulders a heavy ledge of something or other on a huge building 🙂 Deceptive photograph, smart too


  4. I thought it curious these hunky men were laying around. You’ve solved the mystery. Thanks. The blue inside out and upside down guy leaves me scratching my head as well. Ultra modern and doesn’t seem to fit. Thanks for sharing these interesting street images.


  5. What a very bizarre, eclectic collection.


  6. The flower man is certainly very colourful, Andrew. I hope he doesn’t have hay fever! Reminded me a little of “Bill and Ben” the Flowerpot men, for some reason.

    Those look like giant mints, at first, in the clock one and then I realised they were of the moon. Clever stuff.


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