Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall Drug Store, South Dakota

All along Interstate 90 there were hundreds of billboards advertising the Wall Drug Store and I was beginning to wonder what this was all about when we reached the town of Wall and all was revealed.

The Wall’ is actually a rugged topographical strip a half mile to three miles wide and nine miles long with a succession of tinted spires, ridges and twisted gullies which separates the lower prairie from the upper and from which the name of the town of Wall, South Dakota is derived.

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11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall Drug Store, South Dakota

  1. I’ve never been to that part of the US. It’s on my to-do list after retirement (soon, I hope). I hear that it’s stunningly beautiful. I want to see buffalo.


  2. Nice, interesting blog about something of which I was unaware.


  3. I guess the advertising paid off! Do you think it was necessary? Sounds like you couldn’t miss it. 😀


  4. Looks like that photo was taken maybe just a year or two ago? 🙂


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